What is Nowness

The average person thinks 60 to 80 thousand thoughts

per day. 95% of these thoughts are linked to subconscious

memories and unresolved emotional issues from the past

that play out, over and over, distorting what we perceive 

as real. Amazingly, 80% of these thoughts are negative.

In addition, our thoughts create chemical moods and

emotions. The same thoughts, the same story over

and over. It becomes robotic. It is what keeps us stuck

in old dramas, habits, obsessions, struggles, irritations

and limitations. We get hooked, charged, depressed,

and worried which eventually lead to pain, negativity,

physical ailments, and disease.  Thankfully, there is

a way out.....

Nowness is the way out of the trap

To better understand the Miracle of Nowness,

please watch this 12-minute video from the

founder of Nowness Method - john francis

"NOWNESS makes the impossible possible" - jf