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john francis - Master Mentor & NOWNESSmethod Founder 

John Francis has devoted 28 years to testing and perfecting the “Enlightened Blueprint” to how life works by working with hundreds of people and groups. He continues today with a relentless passion to share his teachings by mentoring people through the One Day NOWNESS method, Wild Wisdom Weekend, One Day Soul Destiny and Private Mentoring.


Al Osolin - Mentor & NOWNESS Retreats Center Director
Al worked in his community for 32 years as an extraordinarily gentle cosmetic and restorative dentist. His passion and commitment were to always look for ways to improve himself and what he offered others. It was during a pause in his career that he discovered the greatest contribution he could possibly make to himself, his patients and all those he touched... the Nowness Method. “This is a way of being that transcends any self-improvement technique on the planet. It literally creates an effortless work environment where people love to be with one another and their clients." “I still pinch myself regularly”, says Al,  “because it seems almost too good to be true..but it is very true!" The more it is practiced the more it is "activated"..
I love it!" This is the Future!"


Diane DeMars - Mentor
Diane has been teaching yoga for 22 years.  As a result of teaching yoga, people would often ask for help, not only for physical ailments but with their emotional concerns as well. This led her to become a Professional Health and Wellness Coach.  The Nowness  Method has far surpassed any other system for wellness and well-being that she has ever encountered. The use of the Nowness video series and online support is far superior to any other method she has used to help make permanent changes in the overall quality of people’s lives. She now uses this program exclusively in her mentoring and yoga practice.



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